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Using stud finder to fit your in-celling speakers

December 21, 2019


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Installing your in-wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers is a great way to obtain a performance audio system. In the following guide, we shall be providing all the information you need to consider installing your in-wall speakers or ceiling speakers. It contains a guide of tools required for the job and the kind of skills you will need to take on the project yourself. You can go online to check stud finder reviews to buy the most important tool.

Planning and preparation for the plan

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Preparation will allow you to avoid unwanted holes in your walls and ceiling. It makes sense to begin your planning before you purchase your speakers where possible, as this will allow you to make sure that the speaker you choose is compatible with the locations you wish to install them in.

 Placement of speaker

The essential part of your preparation will be determining the placement of your system. In most cases, this means finding a balance between ultimate performance and visual discretion. This balance will be different for each install, as it will depend on your room and your taste. For stereo speakers to be effective they need to be spaced equally from your listening position, and the same applies to surround speakers, whereas subwoofers can be placed almost anywhere in the room.

Once you have decided where you wish to place your speakers you need to investigate the structure of the wall you propose to mount the speaker on or inside. You will need to utilize a stud finder to locate where the studs or battens are in the wall, as in-wall speakers or in the ceiling will need to be mounted in between two studs.


For wiring of your system, you can either choose to run out-of- wall wiring, or you can utilize in-wall wiring. Out of wall wiring is the simpler option, as your speaker cables are run along the surface of the walls, and can be hidden by furniture or carpets. In-wall wiring requires a bit more preparation work as you will be required to route your cabling inside your walls.